Starting Social Media from scratch 

This article is useful for our students or any person joining as a social media marketer in an agency or a brand. Once you have joined an organisation as a social media marketer, it is now your time to shine and prove yourself. Your employer is interested to see your knowledge of social media practically. Here are a few tips you should definitely start doing once you join as a social media marketer: 

Step No. 1: Conduct a social media audit for the organisation: You should not totally jump into running social media campaigns, rather you should spend some time on understanding what the organisation’s current social media strategies are. You need to understand what all channels they are using under social media. How they are promoting themselves? How they are measuring their campaigns effectiveness and so on. It is really important to understand all this before going further. There are certain social media audit tools on internet which you can use, here are some listed for your quick reference:


Step No. 2: Create a Social Media Strategy: After analysing the current strategy, it is the time for you to create a new social media strategy for the organisation. You need to plan accurately in order to be successful. You need to understand the flaws (if any) in the current strategy, find out the channels you will use to promote, define your target audience clearly, list down where you will find your audience, create an organic promotion plan plus define budgets for paid promotion plans. Study the competition, find the sources of your content, create a content calendar, and find out ways to engage your audience.


Step No. 3: Working on the current Social Media Profile: Once your social media strategy is properly laid down, it is the time to go to your current social media profiles and see if they need to be worked upon. These need to be looked professional, should portray your company’s correct image to your clients and should have all necessary contact points.
Step No. 4: Creating Good Engaging Content: It’s time for you to create effective, engaging content for your brand. Content can be a combination of useful information, quiz, viral messages etc. However, the important point here is, the same content strategy does not work for different organisations in the same manner. You need to understand your brand properly in order to create a content strategy.

Step No. 5: Follow your social media strategy: Try to follow your initial strategy in an effective manner to ensure that you get the results that you have desired for.

Step No. 6: Measuring the success of your social media campaigns: Measure the success of your social media campaigns effectively in order to be sure that you are on the right track. Some of the important ways to record the success are: Generating Leads, Analytics, Increased traffic on website, content engagement, network expansion etc.

Step No. 7: Mending your strategy wherever required: It is really important to revise your strategy from time to time. If you find any flaws that are not giving proper results, you should not think before revising your strategies.

Step No. 8: Increasing your website traffic via social media: Most of the organisation aim at sending more and more people to their websites via their social media networks. You need to work on this important point while working as a social media marketer. Along with this what is also important is that your website has engaging elements too to keep your visitors busy or make them do what you desire them to on it. For example, filling up a contact us form, signing up for newsletter, buying product online etc. So you also need to measure the rate of engagement on your website to have proper results.

Step No. 9: Find proper channels for paid marketing: If you have budgets for paid marketing on social media, you really need to analyse where you should spend these amounts. For some businesses, it can be facebook, for some, it can be linkedin and so on. For example, if you are selling a B2C product, you might want to promote on facebook, however, if you are promoting a B2C service, you need to promote on linkedin.

Step No. 10: Keep analysing all your social media results and modify strategies as required: Last but not the least keep analysing the current results, keep modifying and adding strategies as per the need and as per the technology changes and be perfect in what you are doing!


Author: Ms. Rachna Gupta
Designation: Digital Marketer and Trainer