Social Media Promotional Ideas

Growing Business in an organic way: 

Social Media is used in its full form everywhere. If you are a business owner, you can’t think of surviving until you have a proper online presence. To achieve this, you need to have a website but having a website alone is not sufficient. You need to ensure that you are present on all major social media channels and portraying yourself in a right way. Here are a few steps which you would like to follow in order to grow your business organically on social channels:

Tip No. 1: Work on your social pages and profiles: You need have good social pages and profiles on all major social channels. You have to ensure that your pages and profiles are correctly portraying your business and its goals. While making these pages and profiles, you need to keep your target audience in your mind. One very important aspect in this, which you should never forget is connecting all your social profiles correctly to your contact details as well as website.

Tip No. 2: Start sharing updates: Before you start inviting people to like your pages, it is always advisable to share some updates. Your updates should be relevant to your business and to your page.

Tip No. 3: Start building your network: You can start building your network by inviting your friends, your existing clients etc. to your social pages. Once they are connected to you, you need to do the network expansion by keep sharing valuable content as well as interactive content so that more and more people start linking to your page. You might also want to share your post to other relevant groups.

Tip No. 4: Use friend-finding features: Most of the social networks allows you to find people you know and connect to them. You can find the email contacts if you have, find your facebook friends, find your colleagues as per your profile.

Tip No. 5: Always link your social networks via your website: It is important to have your social icons placed on your website. This ensures that your website traffic also helps you gain on social media.

Tip No. 6: Cross-link your social networks: It is always a good idea to link all your social networks amongst themselves. This not only helps to share content from one place to another easily, it also helps to expand your network easily.

Tip No. 7: Join relevant groups on facebook and linkedin: You should always join relevant groups on facebook and linkedin which can help you share your content to these places and hence increase your network.

Tip No. 8: Use hashtags on twitter: It is always a good idea to use hashtags while sharing content, photos and videos on twitter. Hashtags not only help you be a part of trending topics, get greater visibility but it also helps in network expansion. As hashtags gives you the visibility, people can simply follow you by clicking the button next to your name.

 Tip No. 9: Follow important/influential contacts on twitter and engage with them:  Follow the important / influential people on twitter, comment – retweets on their tweets. This will give you a visibility on twitter.


Author: Ms. Rachna Gupta
Designation: Digital Marketer and Trainer