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The Precise Guide to Any Other Score Betting Variation

Any Other Score means a bet on an event to see at least one team kick a particular number of goals, which is beyond the stipulated margins a single match. This betting variation is said to be a continuation of Correct Score gambling.

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When you look at the correct score betting for most matches, the bet on "any other score" is at odds of roughly 12-20/1 as an example i'll look at todays premiership game between west ham and fulham. favourite result is west ham to win 1-0 followed by 2-1. the highest BetDaq goes to is 3, covering every score either way and the draws.

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Betpoints: 1014. Any variation outside of listed final scores. Most books have odds of each teams final score up to 3 goals. Liverpool 0,1,2,3 vs. West Ham 0,1,2,3. So usually means Liverpool or ...

The meaning of 'Other Home Win', 'Other Away Win' and 'Other ...

Each of these scores have been grouped together into ‘Other’ brackets. ‘Other Home Win’ covers the home team winning by any score other than the ones specifically listed (4-0, 4-1, 5-3 etc) and ‘Other Away Win’ is the same but in favour of the away side (0-4, 1-4, 3-5 etc).

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Any runs scored prior to the bet being placed will not count. Matched bets on this market stand only if at least 9 innings are completed (8½ innings if the home team is leading). Includes extra innings (OT Included)

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Moneyline means you are betting who will win the baseball game Straight Up (SU) without a point spread. The team that wins the game wins the wager. The team with the negative sign (i.e. Philadelphia -115) is usually the favorite. In the example above the team with the larger negative amount is the favourite. In this case it is Philadelphia ML (Moneyline) -115 odds.

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First team to score betting is when you bet on which of the two teams will score the first goal or point in a match. When the team you bet on scores first, you win. When no goals are scored or the other team scores the first goal, you lose. It is a very simple way of betting. This market is predictable.

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The bet is void if the regular time of the match is played in a different time format than those listed in the bet (i.e. other than two halves). For Baseball, half time is defined as the first 5 innings of a game. Similarly, Period Betting for hockey is available (i.e. 1st Period Result and 60 Minute Result). Even Money

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When it comes to betting on baseball, it pays to know your numbers. More than any other sport, the pace and structure of MLB baseball suits itself perfectly to detailed statistical analysis. For the uninitiated, a first glance at MLB stats can be an overwhelming experience. With so many acronyms and abbreviations, it’s easy to get a bit confused.