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Cricket is not currently listed by Apple as a carrier that offers compatible service plans: Apple Watch - Carriers - Apple. I suggest that you contact Cricket to ask about their plans for supporting Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). You can also monitor the page linked above for further carriers being added over time.

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I have a iPhone XS Max with Cricket Question can I get a Apple Watch from at&t? Will my watch work with my Cricket service

Using an Apple Watch with Cricket : CricketWireless

I use my non cellular Apple Watch with my iPhone which is currently on cricket. I get calls/texts and other notifications when my phone is nearby. If the watch is away from the phone it can connect to WiFi. You should be able to store music on the watch for offline playback but i don’t use that feature.

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Cricket is owned by AT&T and presumably shares AT&T’s network with all its capabilities. If they’re not offering Apple Watch support, it’s an intentional business decision to motivate higher-end/Apple Watch users to pay for the premium AT&T service.

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A cellular Apple Watch needs a plan which is not available on cricket. The watch can still be used when it’s nearby the paired phone. Truphone offers stand alone Apple Watch plans for $9.99 per month

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The Apple Watch has nothing to do with a carrier unless you are trying to connect it to LTE. 3. level 1. HailedBaike. · 3y. Yes, I use my iPhone on the cricket network & use my Apple Watch every day on it. 2.

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Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE cellular models with an active service plan allow you to make calls, send texts, and so much more — all without your iPhone. You can complete a call to emergency services when you’re traveling abroad just by pressing and holding the side button. 1 And now with Family Setup, members of your family who ...

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So this doesn't seem possible on cricket in the same way that it is possible on postpaid solutions because while you could put a sim in the watch from cricket, it will have a completely different phone number from your actual phone so I think it's kinda pointless, better off just getting a non cellular SIM watch and a Bluetooth only one like an Apple Watch, and I think even the sim watches are Bluetooth as well because they do both, so just use the Bluetooth only