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In basketball, a field goal is a basket scored on any shot or tap other than a free throw, worth two or three points depending on the distance of the attempt from the basket. Uncommonly, a field goal can be worth other values such as one point in FIBA 3x3 basketball competitions or four points in the BIG3 basketball league.

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That too, specifically in the basketball? So do you know what a field goal in basketball is? Well, it is pretty simple! A field goal is a shot that is attempted by any player on the court towards the basket. But do note that the field goal can only be attempted during the regular play and not during any other particular scenario or case.

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Field goal is the act of shooting a basketball in an attempt to score a basket. It occurs when a player gets between the baseline and the three-point line and makes a free throw. When two or more players shoot in the same direction, they are called coordinated free throws.

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A field goal in basketball is worth two or three points and requires a player to shoot the ball into his team's basket. Field goals can be made from anywhere on the court as long as the ball-handler is inbounds. The term field goal is much less common than just saying shot.

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The Field Goal is the foundation of scoring, which in turn, is the foundation of offense. The Field Goal is an important stat that can tell you a lot about a player and how they play the game. Take the 2019 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors ( full stats ) as an example.

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The definition of what is a field goal in basketball can be summarized in the following terms: a field goal is any shot, other than a free throw, that is attempted by a player. Field goal percentage is one of the most important individual statistics in organized basketball. Players with a high field goal percentage usually average double digits in points per game. This percentage is calculated by taking the number of field goals made by the number attempted, then multiplying by 100.

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A field goal in basketball refers to any basket scored that’s not a free throw. The field goal can either be 2 points or 3 points depending on the position of the player during the score.

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To perform a layup, a player normally jumps off one or both legs while laying the ball off the glass or directly into the rim with one or both hands. The layup shot is considered the most basic field goal that can be attempted in basketball. So, if you would like to know is a dunk a field goal, the answer is also yes.

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Formula – How to calculate Field Goal % FG% = Field Goals ÷ Field Goal Attempts. Where: A “Field Goal” is a basket that counts for a point that is not a free throw. A “Field Goal Attempt” is an attempt at a basket that is not a free throw. Example. A player has made 514 field goal attempts, and in that time has made a total of 261 field goals (both 2 and 3 points) FG% = 261 ÷ 514

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A three-point field goal (also 3-pointer, three, or trey) is a field goal in a basketball game made from beyond the three-point line, a designated arc surrounding the basket. A successful attempt is worth three points, in contrast to the two points awarded for field goals made within the three-point line and the one point for each made free throw.