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Basketball Referee Penalties and Signals - How to Officiate ...

http://sportvideos.com/ and Bob Scofield present this clip for anybody who wants to learn to be a good basketball referee. To purchase this DVD or download t...

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Referee BasketballViolations Signals. Walking or traveling. (not bouncing the ball while walking) Illegal or double dribble. Carrying or Palming the ball. Over and back (half-court violation) Five second violation. Ten seconds (taking more than 10 seconds to get the ball over half court) Kicking (intentionally kicking the ball)

Basketball Fouls & Referee Signals

The first thing you need to know is that basketball fouls and violations are not the same thing. A foul is a penalty called by the referee for rough play to keep a player from gaining an advantage over another player. It's an infraction of the rules that results in a player being charged and penalized.

Basketball Referee Signals

Referees should focus on 19,20,21,22, 24, 25, 28, 30,31, 32, 33, 34 s 19 Traveling 20 Illegal dribble 21 Palming/ carrying the ball 22 Over and back s 29 Illegal use of hand 30 Hand check 31 Holding 23 3- second violation * Open hand - run end line 24 5- second violation 25 10- second violation 32 Blocking 33 Pushing or charging 34

How to Read basketball penalties and their signals ...

Read basketball penalties and their signals. By ExpertVillage. 8/31/08 7:57 PM. WonderHowTo. Know & Understand all basketball signals! Learn how the referee signals all the different basketball penalties with expert tips and advice in this free video. Part 1 of 21 - How to Read basketball penalties and their signals.

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These officiating basketball hand signals are used to communicate between the referee and the time keeper in order to notify starting and stopping of the clock. Stop Clock – To stop the clock at any point in the game, the referee will raise one hand straight over head with his palms facing out and finger tips pointed.

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Referee Hand Signals and Cheat Sheet Types (T) (I=Procedural, P=Personal Foul, T=Technical Foul) Signal Text Penalty T Duration Comments Timeout: Discretionary or Injury. Follow with tapping on chest for my TO. None RULE: 4-27 4-28 I Up to 2 minutes. 4 per game. Max 2 per half. Possession required if not a dead ball. Score None


OFFICIAL BASKETBALL RULES 2014 A - Officials’ signals May 2014 Page 57 of 84 Violations . TRAVELLING . ILLEGAL DRIBBLE: DOUBLE DRIBBLING . ILLEGAL DRIBBLE: CARRYING THE BALL Rotate fists . Patting motion with palm . Half rotation with palm . 3 SECONDS 5 SECONDS 8 SECONDS Arm extended, show 3 fingers . Show 5 fingers . Show 8 fingers . 24 SECONDS


No score Goal counts Attempt and if successful Delayed lane violation Point(s) scored use 1 or 2 fingers after signal 14 13 14 15 3-point field goal 16 17 18 Bonus free throw for 2nd throw,