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There are two referees in a game of handball - the goal referee and the field referee. They are of equal standing (thus making decisions jointly) and are diagonally aligned so that the two teams of outfield players are always contained between them and each one can monitor one side line.

Handball Referee

If a referee (either the court referee or the goal-line referee) recognises the emergence of passive play, he lifts the arm (hand signal no.17), to indicate the judgment that the team is not trying to get into a position to take a shot on goal. The other referee should also give the forewarning signal.

How Does Scoring Work In Handball?

The goal referee in handball determines whether a goal is awarded to the shooting team or not. In order for the referee to award a goal, the ball must pass between the two goal posts and the entire ball must make it over the goal line.

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The referees are positioned diagonally on court to observe a side line each and, depending on who is attacking, one is called field referee and the other goal referee.

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Referee Michael Oliver disallows the goal after VAR intervention. But isn’t the handball accidental? Yes, I’d say so. Why does the referee and VAR then make the call to disallow the call? Check out the explanation below about the LOTG changes. Laws on handball before goal


referee must indicate this by displaying 1 or 2 fingers. When 2 points are awarded, the goal referee does a full vertical arm swing additionally. 2. Hand Signal 12: The referee indicates the rule violation and points to the offending player. A bent arm, grabbed at the wrist by the other arm, indicates a suspension. 3.

Miroslav Klose asks referee to disallow handball goal - YouTube

Miroslav Klose asked the referee to disallow his handball goal. He is a true Legend.

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Mini-Handball Rules : Guide To Refereeing ... teachers and coaches should familiarise themselves with the correct signals used by referees. They are in most instances ...

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