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Handball Courts. Championship quality, low-maintenance guarantee Our indoor and outdoor handball courts are used throughout the world by those who value safety and performance for their athletes.

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In the Basque region of Southeast France and Northeast Spain handball is played with bare hands on any sized court, but generally on four main types of courts; ‘fronton place libre’ an open-air court with a single wall, the ‘fronton’ and are the focal point of Basque villages, ‘fronton avec mur a gauche’ a covered open-air court with three-walls, the ‘trinquet’, an indoor court with four-walls, and large ali alai fronton.

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The Handball Court consists of a Handball Goal on each side, a series of distance markings, a halfway line, a Free Throw line, and a goal area. A Handball Court can have 1, 3, or 4 walls depending on the venue. Three walled Handball Courts provide one side for an audience to experience the game.

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The overall size of the court is 40 meters (44 yards) long by 20 meters (22 yards) wide. This is much bigger than a standard basketball court. The longer outer boundaries of the court are called sidelines or touchlines. The shorter boundaries are referred to as Goal Lines or End Lines.

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Modern handball is played on a court of 40 by 20 metres (131 by 66 ft), with a goal in the middle of each end. The goals are surrounded by a 6-meter (20 ft) zone where only the defending goalkeeper is allowed; goals must be scored by throwing the ball from outside the zone or while "diving" into it.

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Handball player positions and playing area Playing area A competitive handball match is played on a large rectangular court that is 40 m long by 20 m wide, with a goal in the centre of each end.

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The Irish game of handball was originally played on a hard clay floor, with one wall of stone at the front of the court, against which the ball was struck. The ball, the four-wall court, and the system of scoring were developed during the 18th century, when the game was a popular pastime in many parts of Ireland.

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HANDBALL • The objective is to throw a ball into the opposing team’s goal to score • The team with more goals at the end of the game is declared as the winner • Seven players per side (6 court players and one goalkeeper)