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Each overlap area should be between 1/8 and ¼ inch. Pull the overgrip tightly to avoid wrinkles as you wrap it around and up the handle of your racket. Wrap all the way to the top of the handle, to the top of your replacement grip. You will probably have a little extra overgrip at the top.

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6) Continue doing this, working your way along the handle towards the head of the tennis racket. Each overlap of the overgrip should be 1.25 millimetres. It is important to try and maintain a consistent overlap because if it becomes too thick you will run out of length before reaching the end of the handle.

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Best Tennis Overgrips | Full Guide + How to With Photos

A tennis overgrip is a simple wrap that you can apply to your racquet handle to increase traction, absorb sweat, and reduce blisters. Grip tape is another term often used to refer to overgrips. Players of all levels can benefit from using overgrips to ensure their racquet stays secure in their hand, while also preventing wear of their main grip that came with their racquet.

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If you have excess length on your overgrip, you can remove this excess for a clean finish. Continue to wrap the excess overgrip, passing up the end of the handle on your racket. Using a pen, mark a disc around the overgrip at the end of the handle. Use a scissors to cut away the overgrip beyond your marked line.

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The wrapping must be in a slight angle. Tips: If the overlap is extremely thick, the overgrip will finish before grabbing the racket handle. So, the overlap should at about 1/8 inch in every rotation. Maintain a certain tension while wrapping the overgrip for a smooth fit.

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Overgrip is a padded, often sticky, tape that is wrapped around the grip of the tennis racket. Tennis rackets come with a more permanent grip, but overgrip is placed over the grip and is designed to be replaced frequently. Many tennis players choose to use overgrip tape in order to get a better "grip" on the tennis racket and provide more comfort and shock absorption.

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Follow the wrap of the grip down the handle, keeping it taut and overlapping slightly (not more than ¼”), until you reach the top of the handle. You may now wrap the finishing tape around the overgrip as it is, or take some scissors and trim it to match the replacement grip (recommended).

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3. HEAD XtremeSoft Overgrip. The HEAD XtremeSoft overgrip is a great alternative to those that need something a little more thin but like some of the other features that the previous grips offer. This grip is 0.5 millimeter thick and will offer a much more connected feel to the racket.

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