Pramukh Vasist

Pramukh Vasist, Senior Consultant with a Fortune 100 company, Bangalore: I was a student of IICM’s Digital marketing course. The course is well paced and gives the learner a complete hands on experience of Digital marketing. By providing practical knowledge of Digital marketing and leveraging tools to capture, measure and analyze the related data, it differentiates itself from other courses in the market. The trainer’s vast knowledge of the domain enriches the learning experience. This is a great platform to pick up the essentials and build upon them in a digital marketing career.

Rekha Bhosle

Rekha Bhosle, Project Executive – Linteractive, Mumbai:
With IICM I have understood that Digital Marketing is THE thing of future marketing and advertising, with the budgets being put in into the digital and online media these days is sure to bring in the tsunami of digital marketing trends soon. It is the quickest and smartest medium of communication of the age.

Salini Menon

Salini Menon, Freelancer – Digital Marketing and Content Writer, Kerela: IICM provides excellent knowledge in Digital Marketing. Their courses are not only informative but also gives practical knowledge. They have developed the skills of a social media optimizer in me. Also I never knew I can do such good SEO copywriting. Thanks to them.

Sunday Adewale Olaleye

Sunday Adewale Olaleye, eCommerce Consultant (Par Excellence Agency), Finland:
Are you  thinking of landmark digital marketing training with return on investment, kindly think of International Institute of Creative Marketing. It is a short, but powerful, practical oriented course that move me forward in my career. They have seasoned lecturer that is down-to-earth, and their training was well structured.

Boskie Dani

Boskie Dani, SEO at Exa Web Solutions, Mumbai: I did the Certificate Program in Digital Marketing with IICM. The program was held via webinar. It was an interactive session between me and the trainer. I found that the quality of material taught was current and industry based. The trainers were all industry experts and so they always used the current industry trends to teach me. The different topics that were covered during the course helped me clarify the many different areas that digital marketing spans. I would recommend this course with IICM to anyone. It is a must for any marketer looking to succeed in today’s changing digital environment. You will not go wrong with this course or this Institute. Thanks IICM